Friday, September 16, 2005


We were supposed to see Coldplay on Wed. night in Tampa. I really enjoy their music as I find it to be quite motivating and inspirational. Shortly before leaving for the show I get an e-mail stating it's been cancelled due to the singer, Chris Martin, falling ill. That pretty much put me in a dour mood the rest of the evening. So for the last couple of days I've been involved in the forum on the Coldplay website and have found it be very entertaining. A lot of pissed off fans griping about cancellations in Tampa and Birmingham, AL. There's a message from the manager saying they'll return to those areas in the spring--which has pissed people off even more. But as upset as I was over this, I had to put things in perspective. Most of our lives here in the first world have us stressed out about very material things. We need to buy a nice house, a nice car, wear expensive clothes. But there's a whole other side of the world that would laugh at our concerns about that stuff. The locals I met in Africa were happy to catch some fish and kill a fresh chicken for dinner and then relax in front of a bonfire on the beach. I mean, sure, I'm a bit annoyed about Coldplay's cancellation, but hey, there's more to the world than that.

Continuing with this whole concert thing, we're going to see Paul McCartney tomorrow in Tampa. Not that I'm a great fan of his, but I felt I owed it to myself to see a Beatle perform. Kind of like when I went to see Bob Dylan several years ago. I'm not his biggest fan, but as a fan of rock music I felt I needed to see one of the founding legends that helped fuel the entire industry. I mean what would music be like today if there had never been The Beatles? So since this is probably Paul's last tour, I owe it to myself. Usually when I see people like that I drift off into my own fantasy world. I'll watch him on stage and imagine him playing at those seedy clubs in Hamburg when The Beatles first started out. Picture him working on songwriting with John. Imagine him as a poor kid in Liverpool having no idea his life would turn out this way.

And speaking of classic concerts, what is up with the Rolling Stones? I've seen them play several times and would love to see them again, but I refuse to pay the usurious prices they're charging. Up to $450?!! That's pathetic. They have enough money. Is there any reason to rob fans like that? I remember being outraged when I had to fork out $17 to see The Police/REM/Joan Jett at Shea Stadium in 1983. But $450?? Nice way to thank all your loyal fans after all these years.


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