Friday, September 23, 2005

Finished Article...and some slight ranting

Well, I actually finished a short travel article. It went through a dozen or so rewrites, but it's done! The problem is, I went over it so many times that it no longer makes sense to me. Fortunately Sera isn't nearly as obsessive as I am and said it looks good. I had another friend read it over and he liked it as well. But I'll submit it tomorrow to the newspaper and see if they publish it. It's the first writing I've completed in several months (I won't even say how many because it frightens me). And since the weekend starts tomorrow, my goal will once again be to finish my novel. Hmmm...when have I heard THAT before?

Here's something that really bugs me. Sera is currently teaching paralegal courses at a local university (she's a lawyer). One of her students told her this week that she was dropping out because she has an arrest record and will never get hired by a law firm. She had been busted for marijuana a few years ago. To me that's a small offense, but the sad fact is she's right. No law firm will hire her. It makes me sick to think our society has become so discriminatory. Plenty of lawyers have done drugs (I know many of them myself) and other illicit activities. But if you happen to be unlucky enough to get caught, you're career is over. What you do outside of work is your business (not including crimes that hurt others).

It goes along with companies that do credit checks. I find that to be a total invasion of privacy. Why should your credit history get in the way of getting a job? It's total BS to claim that it's "ethical responsibility." What about this all-too-common scenario: a person loses their job. After 6 months they are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits. It's tough luck and good luck. Now they start falling behind in their bills and BINGO! Bad credit. They finally get a decent job opportunity, only to have it pulled out from under because they have bad credit. It's almost a Catch-22. You get bad credit because you have no income, and now you can't get a job because you have bad credit. Our society's ideas of mores are well out of perspective and it's almost dividing our country into a caste system.

Just needed to vent a bit there. I feel much better now, thank you.


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