Sunday, September 18, 2005

Getting Closer

I wrote in my novel a bit today. And though one of my driving forces for getting through the laborious work week is my desire to finish the book over the weekend, I am at least edging just a wee bit closer. I can see the end of the horizon. I just need to keep going forward.

I finished Kira Salak's "The Cruelest Journey," today. I really love her writing style. It gives a deep insight into her character as she travels alone to Timbuktu. I feel I can relate to her thoughts and lifestyle. I realize I need to incorporate more of my feelings as to why I'm doing such things when explaining my story in my novel. These types of books give me inspiration for my book. They're a learning and motivation tool to not only get me to finish the book, but to teach me how to open up and pour more of myself into the story. And hopefully I can do that soon when I begin the rewrite...after I've finished the first draft.

And now for something completely different.
Saw Paul McCartney last night in Tampa. He was absolutely brilliant. Forty plus years of performing live has definitely allowed him to put on a great show. It was a "feel good" type show, as much as I hate to use that pithy term. He talked about the early days with John and George, which I imagine must be difficult at times since they've both left us. I felt the highlight was when he performed solo on stage, playing early obscure Beatles songs on his acoustic guitar and discussing how he vividly recalls sitting in his parents' bedroom with John and George while writing. Isn't that what many of us want someday? To affectionately talk about the small, cluttered room where you wrote such and such? Hopefully I can do that someday about my novel. Hopefully soon.


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