Friday, September 30, 2005

The Keys to Adventure

I finished reading Kira Salak's "Four Corners" last night and couldn't help but stare at her photo on the cover. It's not as if she's overly attractive or anything like that--I was simply trying to put a face with the voice of the story.

I related to her tale, about traveling solo through a third world country and always asking yourself "why am I doing this?" And as Kira is not a literary magnate like Stephen King, I thought that with enough determination I could actually meet her.

"I'm determined to meet Kira Salak someday," I said to Sera.

I had been raving about this author to Sera since discovering her books a couple of weeks ago. Her writing style and ambition has truly helped and motivated my quest to finish my own novel. But instead of writing my comment off as another passing fancy, Sera turned to me and asked, "when is the Key West Literary Seminar?" (the four day writers seminar which includes, among many others, Kira Salak).

"It's January 4th through the 8th," I replied.

I wasn't sure where Sera was going with this. The seminar was sold out. And it was also too expensive, at $450, plus the cost of a hotel room for the entire four days.

She asked, "Will Kira be there the entire four days?"

I suddenly saw where Sera was heading. "Yes," I said excitedly, "because she'll be giving a short speech on the last day, which is free to the general public."

She responded, "Well, why don't we leave early Saturday morning (the next to last day) and drive down there? We can get a room for the night on Key West or on a neighboring Key."

There was no reason we couldn't do this. Key West is a 7 hour drive from Orlando. We could arrive early Saturday afternoon and spend the day looking for her. Half the fun would just be the adventure of driving down there (neither of us have ever been to the Keys) and then trying to find Kira that night. We would definitely see her on Sunday during her speech, and maybe get a chance to meet up with her afterwards.

"What if she thinks I'm a stalker?" I asked.

"I'll be there with you. It will look completely normal. Just act natural, compliment her on the book and don't expect too much."

And how amazing is Sera? Seeing how obsessed I've become with Kira Salak, and actually suggesting the idea that we drive all the way down to Key West for a chance meeting. I didn't even bother telling anyone at work about this plan. They would never understand. They laugh when I tell them about canoeing on a nearby river. They only get excited about mortgage rates and leaf blowers.

And Kira herself has a great quote at the end of the book that perfectly justifies our reasoning for embarking on such adventures, "But if I fear anything now, it's what I might be missing by not taking any chances and limiting the experiences of my life."


Blogger Newsandseduction said...

do you think intellectual labor is no less tiring than anything else?

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have such a great spirit! Don't succumb to those around you.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Kyra said...

Isn't Kira amazing? I read her book several months ago and couldn't stop talking about it. Wonderful book! Did you read her other one (the title is escaping me)?

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kira Salak's article on Ayhuasca in National Geographic shows originality and guts . This reader also feels a benign interest in putting a face on the voice, irrespective of attractiveness..

.. and her intelligence challenges the skeptic (how does guide Hamilton know her demons so specifically and confidently?)

...albeit doesn't quite convert (the 'snake' of the last sentence could have been a tapeworm...she's traveled a lot)

9:16 PM  

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