Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A New Beginning

I called out sick today. My body feels completely drained without vigor or strength. I'm sure it's my poor eating habits. I mentioned earlier that I had only been eating once a day, and even that meal wasn't anything great. I feel like that guy in "Super Size Me," who after eating nothing but McDonald's felt like total shit. Mood swings, trouble sleeping, no energy. That's exactly how I feel.

So as of today, I'm going to eat better and start exercising. Last winter I had been playing racketball three times a week, walking a few miles each day and was using weights. Then the Florida heat came and racketball was out (it's an open air court), walks were out, and with all that I lost the motivation to lift weights. Perhaps this is an attribute of my stress.

I'm going to the mall later to see if I can find a blender to mix smoothies with. I'd love to feel energized all day--it helps you get through the work day so much easier when you're feeling right.

On another note--here's an interesting little story. Last week while at work I was on my way to the bathroom when I happened to pass a woman who was struggling to put some boxes on a shelf. Due to my thoughts being preoccupied elsewhere my muddled mind didn't register what she was doing until I had already passed. I turned to ask if she needed any help and saw that she had just finished. She turned and looked at me at that moment. Since she was done I turned and went into the bathroom. This took all of a half second. But while in the bathroom I realized something. She was wearing a short skirt and was completely bent over at the moment I glanced over at her. She probably thought I was looking at her ass.

I got home that night and told Sera about this.
"Was she facing you when you walked towards her?" she asked.
"So when you turned back to look at her, you were looking towards her bent over ass?"
"Then she definitely thought you were looking at her ass."

I felt bad about that, because I wasn't doing that at all. And it's too awkward to explain myself since I barely know this woman. I'm just hoping that one day we could happen to meet in a social setting and I could apologize. It would make for an amusing anectode. But for now she probably thinks I'm just such lecherous sleaze.


Blogger Stefanie said...

That's a very funny moment to me, but cringeworthy to you. Sorry.

2:41 AM  

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