Tuesday, September 13, 2005

On Travel

I just got a couple of books from Amazon in the mail today. Kira Salak's "Four Corners" and "The Cruelest Journey." She travels alone through Africa and New Guinea. These are the travels I admire most-- solo exploration off the beaten track. I've done a lot of travelling on my own, and it's a life changing experience. The adventure of discovering new worlds is the best learning experience in life. Especially meeting the locals and getting a whole new perspective from their eyes on the world. I always feel as if I'm exploring myself as well as the culture around me. Perhaps that's why I feel so lost now, trying to settle into a stable home life. There's nothing to explore.

I admire Salak for doing such journeys, but most of all for successfully writing about them. That's where my problem lies. I've traveled much of the world and have written nothing about it. I've traveled across Africa and Borneo. I have a website about this which I'm currently redoing. Sera has to remind me that my website is my story. I just need to rewrite it to make it bookworthy. I read the first few pages of Salak's books and was very impressed. It's not written in an intimidating or pretentious style such as Paul Theroux, but more down to earth. It's writing like this that can motivate me. I was watching TV earlier and the main character kept saying, "Regret is worse than fear." That really applies to my situation, probably to all of ours.

To get out of slaving at a job all day I HAVE to write and get better at it. But I've been diligently writing in this blog and that's a start. Plus I have some good ideas for articles. I am feeling refreshed today. I'm eating better and I exercised this morning. Hopefully if I can keep this up it will also refresh my mind and allow to write more. We shall see.


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