Friday, October 28, 2005

Back in the Saddle

Have finally gotten back into writing. Finished a travel article and submitted it today. Still haven't heard about the article I wrote last month. I hate that. I'm very self-conscious and critical about my writing and I know when it pretty much blows. But that article was well written. And it was much better than most of those I've seen published in the paper the past few weeks. There's a new travel editor, so maybe he's just got really poor taste. In any case, this last article I wrote was a rewrite of one that was rejected a year ago. But I rewrote it in such a manner that it's not even recognizable from the earlier one.

I finished rewriting the first few sections of my book. It's hard to call them chapters when each "chapter" is only 2-3 pages long. I realize that my book needs to take on a simple matter-of-fact voice. My problem is I try to do too much at times and take on a Dickensian approach to writing. But the fact is that this story is non-fiction and needs to be told in a simpler fashion. And the big sell is that it's interesting. That's what Sera keeps reminding me. She proofreads it and says it's good, but then I question her judgment. Tell her she's biased and doesn't know what good writing is. It's amazing that she sticks with me through all that. But then Sera points out that for this story, the only thing at matters is that it's interesting. And it is. I just hope it reads well.

And now for another little problem. In addition to the 13! books I have out from the library, I can't seem to stop buying books. Spent another $50 over the weekend. I'm half-way through Henry Miller's "Tropic of Cancer," but feel the need to put it away for a bit and move on to something else. It's a good book, and Miller is a very talented writer, but I'm in the mood for something with a storyline or semblance of a plot. Then I'll return to "Tropic." It's a book I must finish, especially since it's listed as one of the Top 100 by Time.


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