Saturday, October 08, 2005

First Novels

I haven't written a word since I finished the first draft of my novel. At least I'm more relaxed now. I have added some notes for the first chapter, just need to start putting it all together. Sera got me a book on how to sell your ideas to publishers. I found it uplifting as my book is non-fiction and I believe to be about something interesting, and different. Something most people can relate to. Everyone tells me the same, and I do get worried at times that someone might put out a similar story if I don't get moving on this. So I'm thinking that when I'm about half-way done I'll start sending out query letters.

I just finished reading "The 25th Hour" by David Benioff. I found it captivating and exceptionally well written. It wasn't pretentious and the characters were realistically created. I learned this was Benioff's first novel and so I decided to do some further digging into him. For some reason I was kind of hoping that he had struggled in the past, like Rex Pickett (author of "Sideways.") Instead I saw that Benioff wrote the screenplay for "Troy," received a large salary for another film coming out shortly and is engaged to Amanda Peet. Though I still loved the book, I can't help losing a bit of interest in Benioff. It's tough to relate to a writer when he's that successful...and is engaged to Amanda Peet. Of course, I do need to get my act together and finish my novel so that I can make a ton of money and write some screenplays...hahaha!

I'm currently reading "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk, the author of "Fight Club." I loved "Fight Club," but "Invisible Monsters" doesn't seem to have the same luster and appeal. Palahniuk seems to be trying too hard--too much description, a few metaphors that don't seem to work. It's hard to keep focused while I'm reading this one. I've thought about putting it down and starting something else, but as the library won't let me renew it I've got to finish it by next week.


Blogger c.rooney said...

I enjoyed "Fight Club" as well, but I've yet to read any of the other novels. Still, it's a bit disappointing to hear that the one you've tried isn't as good as "Fight Club."

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