Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year's

Wow--another year ending. I feel like I'm in the same point of my life that I was last year at this time. I'm not one for resolutions but there are a couple I have to make this time:
1. Finish my damn book already. It's become more than just an albatross around my neck.

2. Finish the redesign of my website. I've had a travel website for 5 years. Hundreds and hundreds of photos and travel stories of all my trips. But the Internet has changed so rapidly that my site hasn't had time to catch up. I've been working on a redesign for a year now--retouching all the photos, learning some Flash, adding maps. Hopefully it'll be done in a few months.

3. Despite my goal of making enough off my novel and quitting my job, I need to improve my programming skills to look for a better job. I'd really like to double my salary, and I think I can if I just put my mind to it.

And that's it. Not so bad and actually quite manageable.

So tonight we're headed out to Tom's New Year's party. I originally wanted a nice peaceful day to relax. But in the end I gave in to Tom's many requests for me to come. His parties are usually extremely wild--people thrown in the pool, skinny dipping, sex in the bathroom, etc., and I'm really not in the mood for that today. So Sera and I won't arrive until about 10:30 and I'm hoping to get out by 1.

Well, I guess another reason I gave in to Tom's request is that my birthday arrives at the stroke of midnight. I've had a bit of depression in the past month and there's nothing more depressing than ringing in a new year and your birthday by watching Regis. So I'd like to be surrounded by a large group of friends tonight--even though they'll all be blitzed by the time I arrive.

Oh, by the way--it's New Year's Eve and it's almost 80 degrees here in Orlando!! This is why I love living here. Sera and I are heading out to ride the swan boats at Lake Eola this afternoon.

Here's wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year!!!!


Blogger tim said...

Happy New Year.
Hope you had a good, safe time at Tom's or that you at least came back with a juicy story...

8:07 PM  

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