Thursday, December 29, 2005


I've seen a few others listing some tidbits about themselves and I thought, "why not?" Here's 51 little bits about me. And who knows, maybe I'll even learn something from this.

1. I hate meeting people I don't know.
2.One of my favorite reasons for travelling is to meet new and interesting people.
3. I changed my major 4 times in college. I returned to college a few years later for a second degree and changed it twice (never finished the second degree).
4. I gave more thought to who I should see for my first rock concert than who I should sleep with to lose my virginity.
5. I've never told anyone who the first girl was(I've always lied about who it was).
6. I've cried during such films as "Elf," "The Sound of Music," "Snoopy Comes Home," and "Big."
7. I hate pretentious people.
8. I had two best friends from the age of 3 until the age of 31. The three of us have not spoken to one another in 3 years and I doubt if we ever will again. After 28 years together we suddenly grew apart.
9. My sister went to high school with Fran Drescher and Ray Romano. I went to the same school many years later but don't know of anyone famous during my time.
10. I once played mind games with John Cusack at a Nirvana concert.
11. I once roadied for The Ramones in order to get in to a sold out concert. My friends and I waited by the side exit until they arrived. We asked if they needed any help and they gave an emphatic "Sure!" Joey and Dee Dee were really cool. Johnny was an asshole. He snapped at me when he learned I was a Mets fan(he loved the Yankees). I played the video game "Dig Dug" with Joey for over an hour. My friends and I drove Dee Dee around Allentown, PA trying to find him cocaine. He told us, "I can't be gone too long because otherwise my manager will think I'm doing smack again. But I don't do that shit no more." He died a few years later of a heroin overdose.
12. I saw the Grateful Dead 23 times ranging from NYC to San Francisco.

13. I didn't say "I love you" to another person and actually mean it until I was 21. I began crying uncontrollably because I had never before felt such an emotion.
14. My mother is Jewish. The Jewish faith therefore decrees that I am Jewish. I have never followed any religion and consider myself agnostic.
15. I once had an addiction that I was positive was going to kill me if I didn't stop. I never told anyone about it and it was a bane to my life for over 10 years.
16. Someone I loved very much became seriously ill. I prayed to whoever might be listening that if they got better I would never again toil with that to which I was addicted. They recovered and I've kept up my end of the bargain.
17. My favorite city is Amsterdam. I've been there 7 times.
18. I was a nerd in high school.
19. The two books that changed my life from nerd to partier were "Go Ask Alice," and the Jim Morrison biography "No One Here Gets Out Alive."
20. I have idolized Jim Morrison since my junior year of high school.
21. My dream since that time was to visit his grave in Paris. I fulfilled this dream 7 years later. I have visited his grave numerous times since then.
22. Though I enjoyed the lively party scene on Jim's grave I found it difficult to believe that anyone was really buried in it.
23. I did a fair amount of drugs in college and the years shortly after. I enjoyed every moment of it.
24. I drank a fair amount during that time as well. I also enjoyed every moment of that.
25. I only do drugs today if I am in Amsterdam, which is quite infrequently. But I'd love to go back soon.
26. I stole a few ruins from the Acropolis in Athens. I'd like to return them some day.
27. The wildest thing I ever did: I flew from New York to New Orleans to find a girl I had met in Chicago a week earlier. I didn't know her last name, where she'd be staying or if she was even going to New Orleans(she hinted she may be down there in a few days). I had never been there before. I found her on my first night there.
28. I once convinced an English girl in Greece that I was a professional gigolo.
29. I once convinced an American guy in Greece that I was English and spent a few hours with him in a bar making up stories about my life in England with a phony accent.
30. I once lied several times on a lie detector test and passed.
31. I always prefer to be abroad.
32. My family never traveled with me when I grew up.
33. Other than a couple of tiny commuter planes, my first real plane flight was when I went to Europe by myself for my first backpacking trip when I was 23. I recall thinking on the flight, "people in Europe don't know it yet, but they're about to meet me."
34. I hope that some day I can permanently live overseas.
35. I almost got married twice to European girls--one in Paris and the other in London.
36. I love Europe but I hate Europhiles. I can't stand people who talk endlessly about how much better it is over there.
37. I have an incredibly good memory.
38. I've always preferred brunettes.
39. I love the smell of skunks.
40. The best kissing of my life came courtesy of my French girlfriend. I wondered if it was a natural ability of the French. She let me test this theory by allowing me to kiss her best friend. Her friend was not nearly as good.
41. I usually find kissing more passionate than sex.
42. I always need to check out my hair in the mirror. Some people think this is vain, but it's actually because I'm extremely self-conscious.
43. I have 2 tattoos--an angel and the Led Zeppelin Zoso symbol.
44. I've only had one broken bone in my life and I didn't find out about this until 5 years later. A girl on a ferry in Greece accidentally crushed my little toe. It turned black the next day and stayed that way for a few days. 5 years later I told this story to a friend and he explained that's what happens when you break a toe.
45. I've always wanted to look like Jesus--very long hair, long beard, white robe and sandals. I tried to do this in New Zealand but I got too self-conscious and shaved and cut my hair. Sera thought I looked "grubby, but cute."
46. I once called Christie Brinkley and hung up when she answered the phone.
47. The wife of Kerry Wood of the Chicago Cubs repeatedly called me on my cell phone one night to yell at me. I finally just kept putting her through to voice mail until she left me alone.
48. I think Goldie Hawn subtlely said some disparaging things about me on "The Tonight Show."
49. My favorite color is purple.
50. During various points of my life I've been told I looked like Gilligan(high school), Prince(college and shortly after), Seinfeld(when his show was big) and Ray Romano(currently). I never thought I looked like any of them and I don't see how they even resemble one another.
51. I love Kate Beckinsale but don't understand why she makes such horrible Goth films.


Blogger Trailer Park Girl said...

I have 2 tattoos also

9:11 PM  
Blogger tim said...

1 and 2 are interesting together.

8. crazy. it's incredible that you were so close during such big chnages in all of your lives. I am sorry that they are not around anymore.

27. I hope you write about finding the girl in New Orleans one day. That seems like a crazy story.

33. i like the spirit of this one.

36. I completely agree with you. I have a problem with anyone who goes nuts about how one place is better than any other place. Most places in the world have something to offer.

40. you had a very generous girlfriend. good for you.

51. but she looks so good in the leather outfit.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Charlotte said...

that was really interesting. God, you're so interesting!! I could read your stuff alll day!=]

7:22 PM  
Blogger exley said...

Wow, Charlotte--you look pretty good for 99.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Charlotte said...

hahaha, thanks, i try=]

1:22 PM  

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