Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another Week...

Finished reading Douglas Coupland's "Generation X" the other night. It left me unfulfilled. But maybe that's how you're supposed to feel after reading it. The characters are unfulfilled--three twenty-somethings who forego the ennui of their current lives for meaningless jobs in Palm Springs. I really enjoyed his novel, "Girlfriend in a Coma" and was hoping this book would also provide such mental stimulation. But that wasn't the case.

Lately I've been feeling like a poser. At least as far as being a writer is concerned. I've published a few minor things in the past but nothing lately. And I haven't written a word in my book in 7 weeks. I won't consider myself a writer until I finish it. For now I'm just a dreamer stuck in a mindless job.

I've been getting into a new travel show called "Passport to Europe" with Samantha Brown. I record them on DVR and watch a few when I'm able. What really got me interested was the first episode I saw, where she visits Amsterdam. Amsterdam is my favorite city and I'm usually disappointed on travel shows that go there. They tend to skip over the sex and drugs aspect. I understand that travel shows are geared towards families, but if you're going to visit a city such as Amsterdam you have to visit its most famous attractions. So I was quite impressed when Samantha Brown did just that. She visited a coffeeshop and even went so far as to inquire about the difference between marijuana and hash. The young girl at the counter showed Samantha the drug menu and explained the different types of pot and hash, where they're grown, and then showed her some large samplings of the drugs. The camera showed people happily smoking away right behind Samantha. I immediately gained respect for her and the show. Now don't get me wrong--I'm not saying that's all there is to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a charming, friendly and historical city. It's filled with the most spectacular and bizarre architecture I've ever come across. But it's also a hell of a lot of fun.

I'd love to have my own travel show. I wonder how people get such a show. How does a woman I've never heard of suddenly have a show where she travels all over Europe? I'd love to go back to Europe. I've always felt more at home there than in the US. And I've always appreciated the US more while I was over there.

I bought some shares of Google a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure why I did this, maybe just part of my obsessive compulsive behavior. I know zilch about the stock market. And then a week after I bought it Google had its biggest drop in their history. Great timing. But it's gone up quite a bit in the last two days, almost recouping the losses. This gives me a little stimulation during my workday. I monitor my stocks with streaming quotes that I minimize on my screen. Something to get me through the day.

That's about it for now. Maybe I'll write something more profound next time.


Anonymous Charlotte said...

I love Samantha Brown. She was actually my idol for a few months. Man, what a great job that'd be!

6:57 PM  

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