Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Beware of The Blob and Dirty Mary

"The Blob" with Steve McQueen was on TV the other night. Sera had never seen this "classic," and so I raved on and on to her about how great it was. Of course I hadn't seen the film since I was about 6 or 7. I'd gather with my friends when it was on and we'd be awestruck. It was creepy and scary, great effects and the best acting.

Now flash forward to the other night, many years later...more mature and jaded. This was the most silly and ridiculous film. And the special effects--well, I could have created better effects with some motor oil and ketchup. I always recalled The Blob being this eerie looking black ooze(I always watched it on black and white TV way back then). Now it looks like cherry pie filling--like someone was having difficulty trying to squeeze it through vents or roll it around the floor in a large lumpy ball.

The scenes I most vividly recalled from my childhood where the panic in the movie theater and the end. Now I found the movie theater scene to be hilarious. Funny how the theater only has about 20 people when McQueen goes inside, but when the crowd flees in a mad rush there seems to be a thousand people. They were watching a midnight horror film fest--the audience included elderly blue-haired grandmothers with glasses and little old men. And if you watch close enough as they flee you can see some people laughing and smiling.

But the most memorable part of the film, which comes right at the beginning and seems to tell you right away that "this film is silly and absurd," is the opening credit theme song. If you play this, and you really must, listen to the entire song. The last 30 seconds have the funniest lyrics. But another great effect is the popping sound which seems to be made by someone popping their finger in their cheek.

The Blob Theme Song

So this brings me to another film "classic" that I made Sera stay up late to watch. It was called "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" and starred Peter Fonda and Susan George. I LOVED this movie as a kid. One time I acted out my favorite scenes, solo, on my front yard. In fact, I loved it so much I wrote a letter to Susan George. She never responded. A few years ago Sera and I watched it and once again I was shocked. The movie was terrible! There was very little story--the point of the film seemed to have Peter Fonda's Dodge Charger speed around on dirt roads trying to look cool while the cops chase them with cars and helicopters.

And I always remembered Mary (Susan George) as being so beautiful and cool. Now I saw her as this little bug-eyed nuisance. Funny, isn't it? How the things we think are so cool as kids are really just junk? But it's fun to look back at how stupid and naive we were back then. And it's fun to watch films like this today for a good laugh.


Blogger Stefanie said...

Ha, oh my God, I just had a very similar experience! The scariest movie of my childhood was The Blob, the version directed by Larry Hagman. I recently Netflixed it and yep, it's supposed to be funny and campy, not terrifying! This post had me nodding in agreeance, I'll tell ya.

Because of The Blob, I could not enter the bathroom w/o having my mother check it first for my entire sixth year of life.

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