Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Like Shiny, Metal Things

Last month I attended a Microsoft convention for work. The center was filled with thousands of techno-geeks, most making tons more money than myself. The big draw was free software from Microsoft as well as stuff from other vendors. But despite all the high-tech lectures from Microsoft(complete with music by The Doors and Jimi Hendrix!) what stood out most for me was Hewlitt-Packard's gift--a flashing keychain. The lectures were packed with blinking glow in the dark key chains dangling around necks, shirt pockets, etc. I couldn't help but think that the intelligence quota of most people seems to decrease by at least half if they come across something shiny and metallic or something that blinks and flashes. A convention center filled with thousands of people presumably making 6 figure salaries, to hear about Microsoft's latest product line, and the biggest attention grabber is a 10 cent flashing key chain.

And this goes on everywhere. The Doobie Brothers played a free concert in Orlando a couple of months back. Flashing neon swirls of red and green lit up the crowd. Now keep in mind that most fans of the Doobies are 40+ years old.

So what is it about things that sparkle and flash that reduce our minds to that of children? I mean the same goes for myself. Sera and I were at Universal Studios a couple of months ago and we kept pointing out all the neat-o stuff for sale that blinks, flashes and glows in the dark. We can attend higher education, read classic literature to enrich our minds and visit third world cultures to expand our horizons. But it all goes down the drain when we something light up and blink. Though I must admit I don't go for any old blinking thing. I had no problem shutting off my blinking Hewlitt-Packard keychain and stuffing it into my pocket.


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