Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Sera and I have been getting into the TV series "Lost" lately. We rented the entire first season from Blockbuster and watched them all in the past 2 weeks. The show reminds me of the game "Myst." And since the 2nd season isn't available to rent we've been downloading them from ipod on-line. But people are telling me the 2nd season isn't good--it's too bizarre. We've only watched the first 5 episodes and so far we're really into it.

I've been working on an idea for my 2nd novel for some time now. It's fiction. The show "Lost" has helped me on my idea and I think I've got the story down. But I need to finish my first book. I always have the problem of trying to jump on to the next project before finishing my current one. And I end up with a bunch of incomplete projects. So I need to stay focused.

I really enjoy reading books by Jon Evans. I feel like our lives parallel one another to a degree, only he's much more advanced. He's a computer programmer/world traveller-backpacker/writer. He's published 2 novels and is far more advanced in programming than I am. He's also backpacked to more countries than I have. He wrote on his website that his third novel is finished and he's working on a 4th. And he's done all this in the past 4 years. This makes me feel like a total slacker. I'm still working on my first book. I'm hoping this is the motivation to get me really going on this. I've got to get this done. I feel really determined now. The problem, of course, is that I'm at work right now. I get this excited, motivational feeling a lot at work. Then by the time I get home I'm too tired to work on it. But I've got to stop making excuses and get going. I'm happy that I picked it up again this weekend.


And on a more humorous note: I spoke to Gina last week. She found my blog and read my stories about her. We didn't have much time to talk so I didn't get her opinions on them. I'm glad she wasn't upset about my using her real name (though I changed her stage name). I couldn't change it because I really love the name "Gina." Gina is the cover girl for the 2006 Rachel's calendar. But the Rachel's website still has the 2005 calendar posted. I'd love to get a link to the new one to get her picture on here.


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