Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rock Star Energy

The cafeteria at work has a large barrel filled with ice and various Energy drinks by the check out register. I always laugh when I see this. I thought Energy Drinks were meant for hard workouts or outdoor physical activity--something to replenish those electrolytes. I can't see myself getting a boost of adrenaline so I can go back to my cubicle and stare at my computer screen for another few hours. Maybe I can really play games with my body and snack on some Power Bars as well--another supplement offered for sale.

But there is one Energy drink in particular that really gets me. It's called Rock Star. This brand would seem more appropriately targeted at delusional long-haired high school kids than corporate yuppies. "I'm gonna drink up some Rock Star. Yeah, baby!" And even funnier is the new Diet Rock Star Energy they introduced this week. That's for when you'd rather act like Simon & Garfunkel than Nirvana.


Blogger Stefanie said...

That's why Americans are getting fatter - they believe such hype. Those drinks and bars are packed with sugar. (Said while wagging my pointer finger in a tsk tsk motion)

3:30 AM  

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