Sunday, March 05, 2006

Coldplay Pt.2

We were supposed to see Coldplay way back in Sept. in Tampa, but the show was cancelled at the last minute due to Chris Martin's illness. The show is rescheduled for tonight, after a 6 month wait. We bought these tickets last May, and it's been a 10 month wait. I remember growing up when you bought tickets for shows no more than 2 months in advance. What has changed over the years to create such a wait? We bought U-2 tickets last March for a show in Nov. Bought Paul McCartney tickets in April for a Sept. show. So many things can happen in life during such a long wait. What if you're dating someone and you break up during that 6-10 month wait? It's very feasible.

In any case, we're excited to finally see this band after such a long time. They played in Orlando last night, but we decided to just go to our rescheduled Tampa show. The Orlando arena is indoors and quite cavernous. The Tampa arena is a summer outdoor amphitheater. It's much smaller and personal, though it may be a bit chilly tonight(temps in the low 60s in the evening).

Oh--and we bought tickets to see The Go-Go's at Hard Rock at the end of the month. People laugh when I tell them how much I like the Go-Go's. I loved them in high school but never got to see them. Then when I found out years later how screwed up they really were--all the drugs and sex--it gave me even more respect for them. I mean how can you REALLY respect a bubble-gum all girl band until you dig under the surface? So after a 24 year wait I'll finally get to see them. Now if only The Bangles would play here.


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