Monday, March 13, 2006

More books and films

I finished Doug Coupland's "Hey, Nostradamus" the other day. The beginning was great, the middle a bit slow, and then the last half really caught fire and I couldn't put it down. As much as I like Coupland's work, there is a problem with his editors. I've never seen so many typos and grammatical mistakes as I have in ALL his books that I've read.

I finished Erich Segal's "The Class" last week. It was the type of novel where I was upset to reach the end. I wanted more, more, more. I wanted to write Segal and ask him to continue writing about the characters. The story follows 5 Harvard students from their freshman orientation through to their 25th class reunion. I really felt like I got to know these characters. Only a great author can do that successfully.

I've just started reading John LeCarr's "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold." It was on Time's Top 100 so I figured what the hell. Sometimes I try to pick up Dostoevsky for some intellectual reading, but then I go for something light and quick instead. It's the same with Dickens. I've never really liked him--too verbose--but I feel I'm SUPPOSED to read it. I've read bits of "Tale of Two Cities," "Hard Times" and "Great Expectations," but never finished any of them. And whenever I try to start them up again I instead take the easy way out and go for something light and airy.

Saw "Walk The Line" this weekend on DVD. I enjoyed it. I never realized that Johnny Cash was so unique that they couldn't label his music--not quite country, not quite rock, not quite blues. It makes sense when you see that everyone from The Grateful Dead to Coldplay have covered his stuff.

My relatives leave tomorrow. I haven't been this exhausted in years. Sera almost looked in tears at dinner last night. This has really taken its toll on both of us the past week.


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